It is possible to protest tax assessments. Assessments are filed on January 15th, and you have until March 1st to file your grievance. Everyone I have met who has done it has used a tax certiorari attorney to make sure it’s done right, and probably so should you.

Basic grievances:

  1. Over assessment
  2. Disagreement on full value
  3. Unequal assessment ratios

The assessor’s office may have overestimated the property characteristics. Compare your assessment with neighboring parcels. Review comparable sales, assessment information, and assessment ratios (partial value vs full value).

Decisions could be for a full reduction, partial reduction, or no reduction.

Tax certiorari attorneys often work on a contingency that can range from 12% to 33% give or take. The fact that they work on contingency means you only pay for results. It is commonly recommended to protest every year.