Here is a decent article on factors to consider when deciding on buying versus renting. Like other articles on the subject, the perspective is national and hypothetical, so your local real estate market dynamics are not accounted for. Neither admittedly is your specific situation and reasons for buying or renting.

Also it seems that the author does not take into account buying versus renting in an identifiably bullish housing market. Nor does he appear to address the objective of locking in a long-term mortgage at a historically low rate.

The same author takes on the question of whether we are in a real estate bubble right now. In short he concludes we are not in a bubble, though he cautions prices can decline for fundamental reasons. His primary argument is that we are not building enough new housing to keep up with demand.

And another effective piece on the impact of higher mortgage rates on home prices. Higher mortgage rates are not necessarily correlated with lower home prices, in fact the opposite may be true under certain circumstances.